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This is NSFW Sunday!

+ In the


, Katie Klabusich writes about solo poly — which on her is actually “a number of intimate relationships occurring at one time that really work as being similar to friendships with an intimacy added bonus. I tack on ‘solo’ and call me ‘solo poly’ because I’m not looking for a roommate; i prefer my space, independence, and ridiculous work schedule” — and being regarded as two-dimensional, individual company, mono-normativity as well as how
everybody should simply end creating presumptions

“The greater I have to describe my intimate life to other individuals, more we daydream about a tradition that doesn’t demand we — or anybody else — do so. Can you imagine we did not have any assumptions after all? Can you imagine, whenever we continued a first time, each of us must ask each other whatever were looking for and in which they’d live should they could live anyplace and if they desire wedding or young ones or times high in searching and golf or knitting and garden? Let’s say, when we asked somebody away, we had been in fact asking on that individual rather than buying you to definitely complete a predetermined role we’d imagined on their behalf? Dating really should not be like employing an assistant or an animal sitter.”

+ Queer girl pick-up techniques,
in haiku

“finest the ability of

leaning on things. As soon as learned,

hook thumbs into jeans.”

+ a illustrated alphabet is designed to help
normalize gender and disability
. Artist Pâté told

Refinery 29


“I liked the thought of an A-to-Z of sex and disability which will take a raunchy and light-hearted approach to debunking the myth that handicapped men and women don’t possess satisfying sex lives and relationships, when absolutely nothing could be further through the truth,” the guy informs us. “i am hoping folks appreciate it on an aesthetic amount and this means they are smile. I do believe irreverence and humour are great persuasive resources, they’ve got an easy method of earning men and women chill out and listen.”

+ A lot more sex
can lead to a lot more contentment
— but merely to a place. (the overriding point is “once each week.”) Relating to research conducted recently, there is certainly:

“‘[A] linear connection between intercourse and happiness around a regularity of once per week, but at greater frequencies there’s absolutely no much longer an association,’ Amy Muise, a personal psychologist at University of Toronto Mississauga whom directed the analysis, said in a contact. ‘Therefore it’s not essential, normally, for couples to try to practice gender as much as is possible.'”

The caveat, though, is quite

“what emerges from the class doesn’t trump your individual experience. It is possible to carry on doing what works for your family plus honey. The take-home message, Muise claims, would be that its “important to keep up a sexual reference to an intimate companion, however it is also important getting reasonable expectations for one’s sex-life (since many lovers are hectic with work and household duties.)”

Our personal Lesbian Gender Review
produced similar effects
, although we didn’t see a big shift in relationship glee until we had gotten right down to once a month or significantly less.

+ Vulva emojis vulva emojis
vulva emojis
. (Up-date:
plagiarized vulva emojis

+ What’s the distinction between
nudity and porn

+ Sugarbutch rounded in the
best queer sex blogs

+ At

Oh Pleasure Dildo

, Erika Moen penned about
genitals and exactly how boners tend to be for everybody

+ how to avoid injury and discrimination against gender employees would be to
in fact secure them

+ Chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea had
an “alarming” increase
in 2014, per a report from facilities for Disease regulation and Prevention.

+ Through The Autostraddle Lesbian Intercourse Archives:
Let’s mention sexting

“For me, sexting feels as though something between a personal laugh across a crowded table and the most useful discussion and full-on banging. It can make me personally feel nearer to my individual, helps to keep the intimate tension high, is much more tailored than nearly any printed pornography ever could possibly be and lets us both come considering one another no matter what far apart we are.”

Also remember that time
a customer used the Mustang Royale
? Additionally Neon Moon’s current intimate apparel venture
matches human anatomy shaming and transphobia
(update: Neon Moon is
actually the worst

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